All he ever wanted was to live in a tower.
So he decided to grow his own.

An urban fairy tale set in the midst of Delhi, A Tall Tale was staged in an Aga Khan award-winning house in Hauz Khas Village. A tall, narrow tower-like building, it was so unique it dictated the narrative. The story told is of a living, breathing, growing tower who is ruthlessly ambitious and has over time attracted the most curious set of occupants. A Tall Tale took the form of a ‘guided tour’ of the tower with the audience split into groups that gradually work their way through the five stories of the building. Each group’s experience was unique to them as they encountered characters at different points of their narrative arcs.

42/1, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi | 2017

The only living tower in the world is throwing open
its doors!

Have tea with the imprisoned princess who has been woken up and dusted off just for your visit!

Meet the six hundred year old butler who has just published
his memoirs!

Assist the celebrity nutritionist as he feeds the tower
its lunch!

An intricate wooden door welcomes you as you enter a narrow building. All you see is a winding staircase leading upstairs. You are greeted by someone wearing a 'Happy to Help' badge who is ready to answer any questions related to your tour of the living tower. Her unsettling smile sets the tone for what lies ahead - the threat of dangerous monsters, an unpredictable princess, brainwashed princes locked in a duel, abandoned clocks and ominous sounds that alarm even the daily inhabitants at the tower.

Mohini Gupta, Huffington Post