Cheer With A Beer

For the April Fools’ Fest 2019, we teamed up with Bira to celebrate their partnership with the year’s Cricket World Cup. We had a variety of cricket-themed acts spread out across the festival area, including a posse of shady (but very shiny) bookies, a pair of smooth-talking commentators, and umpires with some seriously fancy footwork! The acts ranged from highly interactive to pure visual spectacle. They started off one by one, at different parts of the festival grounds, until they all came together in a climax on the main stage, where Bira’s partnership with the World Cup was announced.

NSIC Exhibition Grounds, New Delhi | 2019

Pinku Majumdar and Sandy Khosla discuss everything happening at the ground. Catch their eye and you’re sure to get comments on your kit, your form, and what they expect from your performance today.

Beer and cricket really get Ravana into the swing of things.

Our aunties are hardcore cricket fans, and they sledge as good as they chug. If they like you, they may invite you to watch the game with them. Just don’t touch their TV.

These umpires got some serious moves. Billy Bowden, eat your heart out!

The bookies in bling take bets on everything – from which beer will sell the most, to which aunty will pass out first.