Small Gods

Bira approached us to create an act for the launch of their new property, April Fools’ Fest 2018. Our brief was to create multiple characters that were contemporary, fun and playful- much like the brand itself. Thus the pantheon of Small Gods was born: the Spirit of Competition, the God of Guilty Joys, the Insta Twins and other minor deities who occasionally walk the earth to interact with humanity.

NSIC Exhibition Grounds, New Delhi | 2018

What do you believe in?

Who am I?

It’s simple. I’m the anthropomorphic personification of the subject of your belief.

Not on Instagram?

Ah, agnostic, are we? We’ll make a believer of you yet.

“I had the opportunity to work with Crow at Bira 91's April Fools' Fest 2018. They spent time understanding our vision and brought valuable experience to the table. The result was one of the biggest hits of the festival! When Crow did their thing, the audience was absolutely captivated. We will most certainly work with them in the near future.”

Rohit Pillai, Associate Director, Partnerships & Events, Bira 91