Winding Down

Black Dog Scotch Whisky approached us to create a live performance for their Chapter 14 events in Mumbai and Delhi. Taking inspiration from their philosophy of ‘savouring the pause’, we created a performance art piece that featured a trio of wind-up automatons. Caught up in the ordered monotony of their lives, they move mechanically, inflexible and rigid in their routine. That is, until they encounter another being that lives in the spaces between the seconds. One who changes their perception of time itself.

Mumbai and New Delhi | 2023

Time is marked, spent, and measured.
Borrowed and wasted.
Told and treasured.

The hours were, the days will be,
the years, they will have been.
Time flows by us, unseen.

And it’s destined to pass –
for the hundred billion galaxies,
for the single blade of grass.

So set your life by the ticking clock:
wake, eat, work, sleep; repeat.
But pause a while, and you may find
Time lives between the beats.