Created for the launch of Gaurav Gupta’s flagship store in New Delhi, Descend brought together fashion and conceptual art in an immersive experience, exploring the darker emotions that reside in all human hearts. We worked with actors, singers, musicians and dancers to embody concepts such as Melancholia, Desire, Delirium and False Dreams. Over a period of two hours, the audience encountered these living installations scattered across the store. Your responses affected them and they, in turn, affected you.

Gaurav Gupta Flagship Store, Mehrauli, New Delhi | 2018

The kingdom of False Dreams is, as always, on the brink of collapse.

Perhaps you can be of service to the monarch.

As winter sets in, tendrils of Melancholia close around your heart.

You can try cheering her up but it is unlikely you will succeed.

I’m cold. I hate being nowhere. Let’s go somewhere instead.

Be nice to Delirium’s balloon and she will be nice to you.