Justice for Dolls!

Honest, upstanding citizens are requested to serve on a jury that decides the date of an abused doll. The counsellor pleads the cases of his clients and implores the jury to pass a fair verdict.

The Factory, D-149, Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi | 2018

Case #324:

He-Man vs. Nirmal Nagpal

The plaintiff wishes to take up residence in the dollhouse belonging to Ms. Pinky Nagpal, age 04 years, sister of the accused.

Is it wrong for the manliest man in the world to want to re-examine his purpose?

Case #59:

The Children vs. Immortal Annie

Annie has been in the continuing service of children for 136 years. Subjected to endless hair-combing, force-fed innumerable cups of tea. Made privy to an unrelenting torrent of sordid little secrets.

She humbly requests her retirement.

Case #117:

Barbie vs. Abantica Das

Was this a crime of passion? An impulsive act in the heat of the moment? Or was this premeditated?