“Will you be paying in words or candles?”

Staged in an abandoned building in Okhla and developed with support from the Gujral Foundation, the Emporium opened its doors at the India Art Fair 2018. The mythology of the show is centred around fictitious communities that exist on the fringes of cities, who trade with one another at the Emporium. A commentary on capitalist consumerism and the times we live in, the audience enters a fantastical world in which the unusual can be bartered for, candles are a prized currency and the apocalypse is an inevitability.

The Factory, D-149, Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi | 2018

Out at the edge of certainty lies an emporium where all manner of wares are bought and sold.

Acquire an exquisite headache, bargain for a lost fragment of time. Swap your luck for a brand-new life. Or buy a home you can go to in your dreams.

But what would you be willing to part with in exchange?

A word to the wise: be mindful of what you may lose.