There is a market. You’ve probably never heard of it. It’s an old market, and one rumoured to have everything you will ever desire.

“Only Much Louder got in touch with us to create a large-scale show for U/A, a festival for all ages. The challenge was to design a layered experience that would equally engage young children and the adults accompanying them. We created The Floating Market, a magical marketplace in which fantastical realms collide, gossip and stories thrive and curiosity is amply rewarded.”

Dhyan Chand National Stadium, New Delhi | 2016

The stone men live in the Unreachable Mountains…

Well, they kind of are the Unreachable Mountains. I’m such a bad storyteller. Let me start at the beginning.

You know how you sometimes see faces in rocks?

A stone man hatches when it rains on a sunny day. As he grows up, a little plant grows out of him. See that one there? He’s very young; his plant is still a sapling. The stone man grows and grows and grows and his plant grows with him. And then one day the plant will be a tree and the stone man will come to rest. And that’s how a mountain is formed.

How do you reach the Unreachable Mountains?

Oh, you take a right, then a left, then a right again, and you keep going until you come to the Circular Sea. That’s where I always stop because I like to look at the pretty fish.