“How do you keep a word alive? That’s right, by using it.”

Two talented doctors work round the clock to nurse their ailing patients back to health- words that have been forgotten, neglected, misused; words that have slipped out of people’s vocabularies. Existing in a state of constant emergency, they enlist the help of volunteers to- quite literally- spread the word.

The Factory, D-149, Okhla Phase 3, New Delhi | 2018

Deipnophobia (n.)

The fear of dinner parties.

SOP + Encourage home delivery to prolong the condition.

Vulpeculated (pa. pple.)

Robbed by a fox.

Pre Op: Rehabilitate vulpines in areas of high chicken density to facilitate said crime.

Psithurism (n.)

The whispering of leaves moved by the wind.

Try saying it out loud. You can almost hear the leaves in the wind, can’t you? Perhaps the next time you hear this sound, you may think to yourself: “Ah. I know the word for that.”

“I can’t think of a better way to have come across words like ‘agathokakological’, ‘psithurism’, ‘nemesism’ and ‘unasinous’. For a lover of language, this served as a great reminder of the beauty of discovering new (old) words. And by bringing them back to life, you felt like you contributed to the revival of that word.”

Mohini Gupta, Huffington Post