‘Beyond’, Zoya’s 2022 jewellery collection, symbolized the feminine spirit as a force of nature, finding particular inspiration in the river Indus. For their launch, we created Riversong – a performance in four acts, each telling the story of a different phase of her journey. These acts were themed on the different aspects that the collection evoked: Emergence, Fervour, Leap, and Calm. The performance integrated live musicians, singers, dancers, text, and animation, as well as light and sound design.

Mumbai and New Delhi | 2022

It begins, like all journeys begin, with the first step.
A pull towards the light. An emergence.
A ripple. A crack
In the darkness of night.

And before you know it,
Before you have the time to say –
‘I wonder how I’ll face the day’
‘I wonder if I’m going to make it’
Before you know it, you’re on your way.

And who’s to say how far you’ll go,
And who’s to know how it’ll end?
The way ahead we cannot know
But forward, forward ‘round the bend.

There’ll be time enough to sit and ponder
But now’s the time to roam, to wander
Rolling down mountains, rushing by trees,
Through sunlit valleys in soft summer breeze.
Pulsing with power, bursting with life
Soft as silk, but sharp
As a knife.

Steady my mind, keep my head on my shoulders
Flow free, flow wild, from boulder to boulder
So much to do before I get older
Flow free now, flow wild, flow braver and bolder
She’s out of the shadows now, nothing can hold her.

Seconds to minutes to hours to days
Inches to feet to metres to miles
What’s the hurry, they ask me
Settle down, they say
But time and water don’t ever flow backward
The river always finds a way.

And life may lead you up and down
And up and down, and up again
But forward! Go forward ‘round the bend.

Her surface, it glitters
It glistens
It gleams.
Rejoice in her laughter, just listen:
She dreams.

Her voice is the song of the infinite brook.
She sparkles and swells, unstoppable – look!
She’ll run as she pleases, she’ll go where she deems
Relentless, determined, unfaltering stream.
Watch her tumble, see her swirl
Delight in the river, rejoice for the girl.

You’ll lose your way – she hears the sounds
But doubts and fears, they don’t unnerve her.
She laughs and leaps, and on she bounds,
Forward, forward in her fervour.